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Graydie Welding, LLC

Phone - (302) 753-0695

but you'll get me quicker by e-mailing me at


Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman


I instal ONLY high quality steel, no vinyl or any other form of plastic and I do it myself.
State Street
North Wilmington
Indian River Bay.
Today 7/21/2016 I built and installed handrails and railings on this beautiful house in Rockford Park in Wilmington.
I built and installed this handrail nxt to Hagley Library
Sussex County
Thanks you for a great job today on my daughter's town home. I will be sure to give your name out to anyone who needs you! Diane Hamilton realtor at Patterson Schwartz.
I built and installed this for one of the local labor union's training director.
North Wilmington
North Wilmington
State Street
Magnolia Delaware
Dover Delaware
State Street
By Blairs Pond
Camden Delaware
Felton Delaware
Newport Delaware
Looks great Brian. My parents were really impressed with your caftsmanship.----Frank Pagliaro of Franks Wine in Wilmington.
Thank you so much! You are great at what you do! I can't believe you made it and installed it on site!
The steps look amazing!  Thank you so much! 


Today's work 10/14/2015
I added this center matching handrail.
Great job on the handrail. Thanks. ----Ken
Today's work 10/6/2015 in North Star.
This guy works for one of the states largest contractors sending out bid invitations to hundreds of other contractors including 50 local welding outfits. But he called Graydie Welding to do the work at his house.
We love it. Thanks for the quick service. Good job. ------Bill
15 feet of pipe railing 80 miles away in Paoli
Trying to keep the kids on the sidewalk and out of the dirt/mud at my daughters school.
Mr. Bachman, I want to thank you for the amazing barrier rails in the back of
the school! Today was a true test and they really did the trick. Our entry and
dismissal procedure really ran so smoothly. I can't tell you the number of
positive comments from staff and students regarding these rails. We can't wait too add stone or mulch to really showcase them even further.
Today's work 8/27/2015. Rockford Park, Wilmington Delaware.
Replacing a pipe railing at The Harrington Post Office.
Repairing handrails at a North Wilmington apartment complex
Wilmington Delaware
For the last 2 days I've been installing new handrails in Caesar Rodney High School here in Camden Delaware.
I did this set of handrails in Rehoboth Delaware.
I built and installed this one in Newark Delaware
Lewes Delaware
Here's one I built in Newark Delaware.
Here's a long toprail I built and installed at
Schoonover Studios in Wilmington De.
Here's a set of handrails I installed at the beach.
Camden De.
Camden De.
Here's a set of handrails I installed in Wyoming De.
Today's work in Middletown
Basement handrail I installed in Townsend De.
Wyoming De.
Wilmington De.
A laurel Delaware job 5-20-2015
Today's work in Oceanview De.
 I installed 4 handrails in Chester County PA today.
Today's work 1/17/16 on Bryant's Corner Rd.
Handrail from 12/9/2015 in Camden Delaware.

Thank you.  The handrails will help us get my husband some freedom back, so we appreciate how quickly you were able to install once we were ready. 

Thanks, Lisa

Yesterdays work, 6/8/2015, 16 feet of handrail in Bel-Air Maryland.
Here's a pipe railing in Delaware I had to repair and make ADA compliant by straightening out and adding a kick plate.
We did some small repairs on The Logan House today in time for St. Partick's Day.
and today's second handrail in Chesapeake City Delaware. 3/13/2015
Today's handrail in Marshalton.
That's beautiful Brian - thank you so much!
Today's work 3/24/2015
Today's work 3/30/2015
Today's handrails in Lewes
North Wilmington
A handrail in town
Here's a New Castle handrail we recently completed
Today's work, 4/12/2015
This is my latest handrail job in Rehoboth, 3/2/2015
Close to Red Mill Pond in Lower Delaware
Here's a handrail we installed in Hyde Park.
Here's a handrail I made ADA compliant by straightenning out the bends and adding a kick plate to accomodate wheelchairs.
We ripped out this old wobbly railing and replaced it with a very sturdy slightly decorative version in a day and a half.
and here's a good example of why I do not drill big holes into concrete.
Off Red Mill Rd in Newark Delaware.
Hockessin Delaware
My latest job in Rehoboth Delaware.
Today's job 10/7/2014 and another happy customer.
Today's work and another happy customer. 10/6/2014
Today's work, 10/3/2014
another happy customer!
Today's job - 9/29/2014
Here's a set of handrails I installed a month ago.
Today's work in Newark DE. 9/23/2014
Today's work in Middletown 9/15/2014
and another happy customer.
Today's work 9/8/2014
$300 and took less than an hour.

Someone hit the entrance gate at the private DuPont Family Cemetery.

I fixed it right up today in a few hours.

If you would like a gate like this made for your house I can do that.

Today's work
24 feet of handrail installed in one day and painted the next.

Today's job right here in Dover 8/20/2014

Today's work in Dover Delaware 8/15/2014
Today's work in Dover Delaware.
Today's Work 7/29/2014
Today's work 6/27/2014.
I got an emergency call last night to get this done before the inspector got there and I rushed up to New Castle and got it installed and painted in under 2 hours.
Today's work 6/26/2014
Today's work 5/23/2014
Thanks for the awesome job you did ! We love it! -Marie
and then yesterday 6/23/2014 he had me back to do the top---
Here's yesterday's handrail in Delaware. 6/4/2014
and another set of very happy customers.
Hello Brian, just wanted to let you know I absolutely love my handrail!!!!!!             It is exactly what I wanted!
Today's work 5/28/2014 in Rehoboth.
Brian, our neighbor already sent a picture and it looks wonderful!!! Thank You! --Patricia.
Yesterdays work, 5/19/2014
Visited my Dad at Christiana Hospital today and stopped at The Helen Graham Cancer Center to check out an arbor I made. I donated it to a silent auction at The Green Room in the Hotel DuPont and a vice president of a local bank won the auction and donated the arbor here. I think it looks out of place here and I offered to replace it with something more appropriate but have yet to hear back from anyone there. This belongs tucked into a small backyard garden.
I fabricated and installed this handrail in New Castle on Saturday, 4/4/2014.
This is a handrail I installed recently in Dover Delaware.
This is one of yesterday's handrails. The top rail has a nice vine and leaves pattern pressed into thick steel hammered flat bar.
This customer said she made the check out for a little more and she didn't think I would mind.
I love my customers!
and this is yesterdays second handrail.
This is a handrail I installed in Felton, Delaware.  I did the front and back of this house.  This is bent by hand on-site.
Click on the picture below to get some ideas for cast iron railings.
Work of 12/12/2013 in North Wilmington
and this one in Bear
I fabricated and installed this on site at the beach.
North Wilmington Handrail
My daughter touching up the paint.
Work of 7/23/2013
"Brian, Thanks again for the amazing job today." - Carol.
Work of 6/27/2013
The bottom posts are driven deep and then set in concrete and the top posts are welded to plates that are bolted into the existing concrete pad.
Work of 4/26/2013 - simple handrails
Work of 4/22/2013
left side only
Work of 3/8/2013 - $80/ft
Work of 2/28/2013
10/5/2013 off Route 202 in Delaware
Camden, DE
10/31/2013 Halloween! 2 handrails in Greensboro, MD
11/2/2013 Dover, DE
These are some brackets I made for a pool side marble bar top in Landenburg, PA.
and here are wrought iron / metal railings I fabricated in my shop and installed in Landenburg, PA.

another happy customer.

This job was a lot a fun.
If this was mine, I'd run flower boxes and a hidden drip system right along the railings.
Another happy customer!
Another happy customer!
Work of 10/5/2013 off Route 202 in Delaware
Here's a handrail I installed in Dover on 5/16/2013
Work of 5/29/2013
The job above was $80 per foot and installed in one day for another happy customer in Trolley Square.
Work of 2/27/2013
This is a handrail I did for Susan at The Centerville Cafe.
I bent all this scrollwork by hand on site. Regularly $120/ft.
Another happy customer!
Work of 2/13/2013 for a Delaware Realtor
Next I will remove that very thin weak railing on the porch above and replace it with solid steel.
The difference between my railing on the left and the junk on the right is 250 years at least.
A basement handrail I did today in Camden, Delaware -12/8/2012
Work of 12/6/2012
This is an Edgemoor, Delaware handrail - $80/ft
My handrail customer just e-mailed me to comment on my work today.

"Brian, Handrails seem to be a drama packed thing that very few can actually get done. I'll be sure to tell my friends about your great service". - Jim

Work of 12/5/2012
I did this job by myself and it took 12 hours to build from scratch
and that included getting a hole cut in the floor and ceiling
Done in Northern Delaware
"Dear Brian, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did for us today!   I love it, and Tom will too, once he gets home and sees what a beautiful job you've done.   I appreciate how driven you are!   Again, thank you so very, very much!   I love the railing!  Beautiful job Brian!   You're simply awesome!!!" - Cathy
This is a handrail I fabricated on site and installed in North Wilmington
"Thanks for a terrific railing" - Perry
This is the job I did on 6/25/2012 off Naamans Rd.
Work from 4/11/12 - 4/13/12
Heard back from my customer and here's what he had to say:
"Brian the railing looks great!  I appreciate the attention to detail!"
- Dan Maffei - West Chester, PA
This is a handrail I installed at Trolley Square in Wilmington Delaware diagonal from The Logan House.
These handrails are going onto a house in West Chester Pennsylvania
This is a handrail I'm fabricating and installing in Centerville, Delaware

All solid steel, no phony hollow junk here!

This is a handrail I did for Inner Spirits Liquor Store in Trolley Square in Wilmington, Delaware
This is a handrail I did in Wilmington, Delaware.
This is for a job in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
This is a repair I did in Chester, Pennsylvania.
This is a handrail I did here in Camden, Delaware on 4/13/11.
This is another handrail I did in Camden, Delaware.
Camden, Delaware.
Fenwick, Delaware job handrail.
Chester Springs, Pennslvania handrail
Camden, Delaware.
This is one of a set of handrails I'm fabricating and installing on a nice Victorian here in Camden/Wyoming, Delaware.

I mounted these handrails on the outside of the steps instead of on them.  This way you can take full advantage of the width of the steps.

Here is a wider view of The Centerville Cafe handrail in Delaware.

This is a handrail I fabricated for a property management company in Wilmington, Delaware.

Graydie Welding, LLC

Phone - (302) 753-0695

but you'll get me quicker by e-mailing me at


Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman