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Graydie Welding, LLC

Phone - (302) 753-0695

E-mail address -

Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman

A customer wanted a stand for 5 different sized pizzas in place of a wedding cake.
3/26/2016 Today 2 men in a box truck came to pick up this order for a 10 foot wide version of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.
Small business supporting small business is a beautiful thing! A huge thank you to Graydie Welding Outdoor Art Gallery for custom making this gorgeous replica of my logo! The detail work is stunning and I am so proud to display it in my office.
4 feet wide
Click on the picture below to get some fence ideas.
practicing with my plasma cutter
here's a 6 foot tall coat rack I made for a friend.

A project for a local business.

The customer provided a sketch.

When I bent this steel out I tried to maintain that sketch look. 4 feet wide and $300.


Here's a wine bottle tree I made for Franks Wine of Wilmington Delaware.

This holds 240 wine bottles and is lit from beneath.

made these for a local contractor for $100 each.
This went to a Maryland Moose Lodge and is hanging on the wall outside.
a customer dropped of some pieces from her grandfathers rake off to me and asked to have a hanging planter for multiple plants. $80.
Bottle tree $80 sold.
Bottle tree $80.
 Butterfly Bottle tree sold for $80.
 Plant hanger for heavy potted plant $80.
$60 sold.
15 feet tall. all short pieces of raw steel so it will rust evenly, no paint at all.
 $80 and 5 feet tall.
a customers order filled for $80.
$150 SOLD.
$500, use this as a trellis and let miniature red roses cover it.
$200 and sold.
Here's an old slate roof I turned into a wall.
Also an old slate roof.
I have a local customer who wants a set of colorful fish swimming through her garden, so I designed this and I'll try to get her approval today. I figure either one big one with several small ones following, all different sizes or all identical.
Congressman John Carney was good enough to stop by Graydie Weldings craft table at The Wyoming Peach Festival in Delaware.
Hey Brian, Congressman Carney and I really enjoyed meeting your family and admiring your work this weekend at the Wyoming Peach Festival. The picture with Congressman Carney is attached. Best, Eli
These first 2 metal sculptures are available as of 8/7/2012
This is a solid steel flower sculpture I bent by hand in my basement.
Rainbows for Rachael asked for the word HOPE in their sculpture if I could because sometimes hope is all people have. So I was up late last night, 5 hours ago in fact making this to weld onto it. My first crack at bending letters. This is great because now I can put names on sculptures.
Want to personalize a sculpture with a loved ones name in steel? Give me a call.
Todays work 5/19/2012----- Hoopes Reservoir.
This is how I heat my 4 bedroom house and water. I burn pine that's free anywhere. I look forward to cooking down here in my basement all winter.
It's time to get ready for winter! I made this wrought iron firewood bin for a customer in Centerville Delaware.
and here's smaller outside firewood bin I made and shipped to a customer in Boston.
I repaired the fence around Iron Hills Apartments pool today 20 minutes after I got the call.
Today 9/18/2012 I cut all the bolts on this structure and it was loaded and gone in a few hours.
I gotta get better at cutting with gas. I'm on it!
This is about 3' high and 3' wide. $100
4' high and $75.
1/2" solid steel grappling hook on 3500 pound test line, $30.
Steel tube peace signs, $5 each. 43 available for $200.
I welded this grill together for a pig roast at my house. Worked great!

These are some hand bent metal butterfly sculptures that make good garden art.

-not painted yet-
This steel butterfly sculpture is 7 feet tall.
-not painted yet-
This is a firewood bin I made for a customer in Boston.
I added hangars for tools and a shelf at the bottom for newspaper.
This is a window well cover I fabricated for a client in Pike Creek Delaware.
This is around 100 pounds and 4 feet wide!





Graydie Welding, LLC

Phone - (302) 753-0695

E-mail address -

Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman