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Graydie Welding, LLC

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Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman



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Securing a house and alley in Wilmington
Here's an AC condenser guard I made and installed at Franks Wine in Wilmington. These run a little less than the condenser itself and while that seems like alot it only seems like alot until you have to replace the condenser.
Today's work 7-12-2014
These are 4' x 5' and $500 each installed. All solid steel.
Absolutely perfect in every way…thanks so much…Tom
Here are 3 basement window guards I'm installing in a house in Bear Delaware next week.
$100 each painted and installed.
Today's work, 5/5/2014
Brian, Thanks you so much for the beautiful window guards on my mother's house. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate you allowing me to be part of the creative process. ------Germaine.
These are window guards I'm installing in Wilmington next week.
Heard back from the customer...
Hey Brian, thanks again… the window guards are awesome! Jim
another happy customer!
These are $350 each painted with 2 coats of a rust inhibiting enamel and installed by drilling deep into the brick, block, wood and anchoring at all four corners with mechanical anchors.
I installed these in Edgemoor 0n 3/21/2013.
I installed this window guard for a Federal Air Marshal.
a solid steel alley door with a lock
a lockable steel door for a crawl space.
This is a solid steel window guard I made for a customer in New Castle Delaware.
I made this today, 10/6/2012. It's a window guard I'll mount on the inside of a nice house in Delaware. The customer asked for it to be made in a way that hides the steel behind the window grid so you cannot see it from the outside.
I fabricated and installed these in Wilmington today, 4/9/2012.
A sample of the air vents I installed throughout our house. I installed two in every room, black on the floor and white on the ceilings. We heat with wood and these grates let the heat circulate through the house nicely. I couldn't heat with wood without them.
Here I had to cover a hole with a cover that would support the heaviest load on the road. So before I covered the whole with a 1/4" thick sheet of steel I reinforced it with 6 pieces of a thick box tubing and welded everything in place.
This is one of a set of 3 window guards I'm shipping to Birmingham Alabama. Surprisingly the shipping costs only come to $60.
This is a liquor store under construction in Wilmington. I fabricated and installed these window guards yesterday. I drilled deep holes right into the concrete structure and anchor galvanized allthread with high strength waterproof epoxy, then I weld the guards to the anchors. The door is next then this building will be secured. If the power runs out or the surveillance cameras get stolen there is still the last and most effective line of defense, solid steel window guards.
These first two photos are of 12 solid steel window well guards I fabricated for the FHRC, Friends of Historic Riverview Cemetery, here in Wilmington Delaware. These guards are for the mausoleum. This is my current volunteer project. I have one more set of guards to do for the FHRC and I'll be looking for another project.
Want a beautiful pool fence that will last hundreds of years? I made these solid steel window guards but they could just as easily be pool fence. I do not like the hollow square tube fence I see so much as it's so incredibly weak I can rip it down with my bare hands. Should fence that flimsy even be around a pool? Makes as much sense as a wooden fire escape.
Here they are installed. I still have to finish matching the old black railing to the window guards, as well as another coat of paint on everything.
This is my latest set of window guards. These are solid steel, very heavy and going to cover the first floor of a house in Claymont, Delaware. I'll bolt these right to the wood frame of the house and then cover the bolts.
Here they are installed.

Floor Grates

These are metal vents I fabricated for the floors in my house. These grates or vents took about two hours to fabricate then I had to paint them. They have wide enough openings to let air flow freely while being strong enough to support the weight of our heaviest furniture.

This is one of the vents installed in my house.

Window Guard

This is a security guard for a basement window. They are solid, heavy and, in the case of my house, welded on and not bolted. All I need is a metal window frame to weld otherwise they would get bolted right to the structure.

Either way, your not getting through these windows without making a whole lot of noise.

This is one of the window security guards installed at my house. 

Window Guard

I fabricated and installed these basement window guards in a home in Pike Creek Valley, Delaware.


This is the other window of the house in Pike Creek.                   

These are the the two window security guards before they were installed in Pike Creek. This is 5/8" round bar but I can make them as thick or as thin as I need. The customer says,"Dear Brian, The greats look great! It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Cheryl".

 Window Guards

This is a solid steel window guard. This is the smallest of 6. Very heavy - 3/4" thick.



These are the window guards I fabricated for a home in Westover Hills. I bent 3/16" flat bar steel and welded it to 3/4" thick, solid square bar steel. These are very heavy. The smallest one weighs nearly a hundred pounds and the largest is several hundred. I included installation with this particular job. It's a stone house so I mounted these window guards on solid steel brackets set in the ground with concrete. They have hinges and locks. The owner was very happy with the job. He gave me a huge bonus and more work.

Graydie Welding, LLC

Phone - (302) 753-0695

E-mail address -

Owner, Welder & Designer - Brian Bachman